1. I watch the sunrise from a couch.

    The air is cold, and I am full of doubt

    that speaks in tongues of hammers

    on my temples.


  2. thatstheweirdestfuckingbush:

    I inhaled the fire-
    work smoke cause - I don’t know, but
    I am exhausted.


  3. thatstheweirdestfuckingbush:

    I have been tired for
    almost a month. The sunsets
    gleam. I am listening.


  4. YOU                                                                                                         LEFT

    NO                                                                                                          NOTE

    YOU                                                                                                         LEFT

    I                                                                                                          CALLED

    YOU                                                                                                         LEFT

    NO                                                                                                          NOTE

    I                                                                                                          CALLED

    NO                                          ANSWERING                                    MACHINE

    I                                                                                                          CALLED

    SEVERAL                                                                                               TIMES

    MY FAULT  MY FAULT  MY FAULT  MY FAULT  MY FAULT  MY FAULT MY FAULT   MY FAULT   MY FAULT   MY FAULT   MY FAULT   MY FAULT  MY FAULT   MY FAULT   MY FAULT   MY FAULT   MY FAULT   MY FAULT  MY FAULT                                                                                                         MY


  5. working on a song that’s 30 minutes and the lyrics are probably tmi tbh


  6. The vision is auspicious. I am grateful for the fuel. Walk forward. Walk forward. Walk forward. Walk forward. Look forward. New, shiny objects wrapped for you in that iridescent mirrororrim.

  7. Wiggle-room + For Drunken Ants
    Primitive and graceful + nline

    Wiggle-room atop the photo For Drunken Ants

    Primitive and graceful atop the photo nline

    pomes and photos by Secret Friends


    AND              ALL                I                FELT
    WAS      THE      JUMP      AND      FREEZE
    AND                     WHITE                     DEAD

  9. (Source: spacetwinks, via joshpeck)


  10. thatstheweirdestfuckingbush:

    just tried to do a cover of Everything Will Be Alright by The Killers and it sucked so i need to do it when i’m more focused or when i care more or when i actually have equipment


  11. so already today I’ve acquired a rad outfit, mildly stalked a boy, pitched a modeling idea to a guy with a real line of clothes and the owner of the store at which he sells (at least some of) them, and pitched a vague, interactive, sound/art installation idea to my friend who curates an art gallery that’s part of the Nashville Art Crawl which is a year-round series of one night art walks downtown. I think it’s going to be a productive year :)

  12. Vestavia, AL
    Birmingham, AL
    an apartment complex in Riverchase, AL
    that same apartment complex in Riverchase, AL
    that very same apartment complex in Riverchase, AL
    in fact, the same apartment complex in Riverchase, AL
    this plant is dead now
    a view from the grounds of an apartment complex in Riverchase, AL
    Riverchase, AL
    will I again?

    Here’s a bunch of pictures for you guys. As you know, I’m still working on music. I’ve got lots of exciting things planned for when I actually release that music, but in the meantime, enjoy these and past pictures as well as future posts containing maybe some poetry or maybe some pictures or maybe even some music … you never know.

    Another Culdesac Image

    5 P S

    Emma, run


    Two In a Pool

    t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

    the Dragon

    Under Which I never Watched them Walk


    when I liked it Here


  13. Started filming a music video with imaaafreeebitchhhbabyyyy & avatarraven last night. It’s still a long ways from being done, but it’ll probably creep you out and turn you on at the same time, so be excited.


  14. i want a boy who’ll cut open my arm out of curiosity to see what’s inside


  15. thinking about making an album (or whatever) that starts with a 27 min song and ends with another 27 min song aka i haven’t found the line between actual song / soundscape / art piece but that’s okay (by skin deep)