1. thatstheweirdestfuckingbush:

    just tried to do a cover of Everything Will Be Alright by The Killers and it sucked so i need to do it when i’m more focused or when i care more or when i actually have equipment


  2. so already today I’ve acquired a rad outfit, mildly stalked a boy, pitched a modeling idea to a guy with a real line of clothes and the owner of the store at which he sells (at least some of) them, and pitched a vague, interactive, sound/art installation idea to my friend who curates an art gallery that’s part of the Nashville Art Crawl which is a year-round series of one night art walks downtown. I think it’s going to be a productive year :)

  3. Vestavia, AL
    Birmingham, AL
    an apartment complex in Riverchase, AL
    that same apartment complex in Riverchase, AL
    that very same apartment complex in Riverchase, AL
    in fact, the same apartment complex in Riverchase, AL
    this plant is dead now
    a view from the grounds of an apartment complex in Riverchase, AL
    Riverchase, AL
    will I again?

    Here’s a bunch of pictures for you guys. As you know, I’m still working on music. I’ve got lots of exciting things planned for when I actually release that music, but in the meantime, enjoy these and past pictures as well as future posts containing maybe some poetry or maybe some pictures or maybe even some music … you never know.

    Another Culdesac Image

    5 P S

    Emma, run


    Two In a Pool

    t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

    the Dragon

    Under Which I never Watched them Walk


    when I liked it Here


  4. Started filming a music video with imaaafreeebitchhhbabyyyy & avatarraven last night. It’s still a long ways from being done, but it’ll probably creep you out and turn you on at the same time, so be excited.


  5. i want a boy who’ll cut open my arm out of curiosity to see what’s inside


  6. thinking about making an album (or whatever) that starts with a 27 min song and ends with another 27 min song aka i haven’t found the line between actual song / soundscape / art piece but that’s okay (by skin deep)


  7. workin on some videos, woop woop

  8. enjoy, on/off drugs.



  9. some thoughts i didn’t proofread

    I’m really excited about the songs I’ve been working on. It’s becoming clearer to me how much and what kind of work needs to be done. Often I find myself in an artistic rut where I feel like I’m doing the same things over and over, but lately I’ve been finding all kinds of inspiration and ways to make weirder sounds or flesh out songs in new ways.

    I’ve compiled a list of usable songs I want to try to include on an album. This project might take me a year or two to finish, or it might take a few months. I have no idea. All I know is by the time I finished Rebel Diamonds, it had taken me four years to finish four songs. But I’m gaining experience every time I open Logic, and I’m learning so much from all the fantastic people I’ve begun developing relationships with in Nashville. That being said, I’m working with more speed and more ambition. The 20 song list I’ve compiled from 7th grade to now may take me three months to record or a year or longer - I have no idea, - but I’m very excited that I’m even able to work on a project of such magnitude (especially considering the length of some of these songs).

    I share frustration with my friends and family that I/we haven’t been able to start playing shows, but I know it’s for good reason. I made the mistake my senior year of high school of playing two shows before I had achieved a sound I was proud of. I’m not saying all singer-songwriter type guy/girl on piano/guitar whatever are bad shows; I’m saying I don’t want to play those kinds of shows. I’m looking forward to giving an audience an artistic experience that might help open their minds and give them inspiration and ideas that are beyond any other person’s comprehension. I really want to give the best performance I possibly can, and it may take years to develop an act that I feel is worthy of experiencing and really being able to immerse oneself into.

    I suppose I’m rambling here so that I don’t talk my friends’ ears off, but these are things I think about often.

    Don’t expect anything soon, but expect something great - something you’ll be able to sink your teeth into and taste for hours after you finish eating. Expect to feel inebriated by what you’re listening to and to gain further insight into it if you actually are inebriated.

    I guess that’s it for now.



  10. This is a new song I just released with my roommate.

    Check it out at the bandcamp, download, and SHARE.

    There’s also a facebook page here: facebook.com/starstarstarstarmusic

    Enjoy :D


  11. An update

    Work is being done. It’s coming slowly, but it is being done.
    I’ve got several songs I’m working on, none of which I’m sure is usable. Several life-changing things have happened in the over-a-year since releasing my EP (plug: which is still available on bandcamp for any amount, including $0) that have made it hard to get/remain inspired or find time to record. The music I make takes a lot of time as well, for example, the Rebel Diamonds EP took 3 years to finish, and those tracks, while artistically satisfying for me, are ones that I see as a precursor to what I’m capable of.
    The tracks I’m currently working on are very diverse. All but one so far feature the sporadic percussion you’re used to, but have relatively darker vibes. As of now, all I have to give you are names…
    The songs I’m working on and considering for release (in no particular order) are as follows:
    Bad Dream Music
    Never Sure (working title)
    Sunrise, I analyze
    Life Up North
    Over the Sickness, Not Done Being Ill
    The Great Equation//Danger
    Springtime Tirbulence

    I am also working on a project with my friend John, and a band glued together with our friends, known as Gulf.

    I hope this gives you some indication as to what’s happening, but don’t expect anything too soon. I have not yet figured out how to work efficiently, and none of these tracks is relatively close to done. I am, after all, one person.

    In the meantime, spread the Rebel Diamonds around. Look at your soul; pick it out of its hole. It may be dry, shriveled up, but off it, are falling its diamonds.


  12. The role of a musician is extremely important because

    Music speaks simultaneously to both our conscious and our subconscious. The themes (lyrically or musically) of a song resonate within us when we’re open to it. This makes the role of the musician not only one of cultural significance, but personal experience. When we say we love Vampire Weekend or Lady Gaga, we mean it because “on the lower frequencies, [they] speak for [us].”
    This, I believe, is where the name Secret Friends came from because in every instance when we are alone, and their music is playing either in our ears or our minds, the musician is there with us. It is an entirely unique human connection brought on by our ability to detect rhythm subconsciously and consciously and our personal connection with the rhythms themselves and their manipulators.
    When I’ve had no friends and nowhere to go, there’s been a musician who got me, and they became my friend in this unique and extremely important way.

  13. a Birmingham St near Avendale

    Historical House on Highland

    House on Highland

    Intersection near Avendale



    Play In the Rain Drainage

    A Walk Into a Badass Sky Tree


  14. Laidback

    Benches in Stereo Sunlight

    Product Placement


    At the front | at the bacK

    Redscale Trees: 1




  15. secretfriendsmusic.bandcamp.com

    Some less abstract works:







    AT THE BACK or RedSky